Our team of experienced technicians combine knowledge with innovation, providing reliable expertise and an array of high-quality products tailored for each customer’s unique needs.

Experienced Technicians

Quality Harnesses

Products & Services

  • Build-to-Print Aircraft
    Modification Kit Harnesses
  • Braided Compact Wiring Harnesses
  • Prototyping
  • Twisted, Shielded Cabling
  • Coaxial Cabling
  • 1553 Data Buses
  • Laser Wire Marking
  • Test Harnesses
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Wiring Harness Repairs
    Parts Obsolesence Research
    – Fit/Form/Function
    Identification & Replacement


We are able to design and build harnesses ranging from high-speed data cables, digital video cables, and large gauge power cables, to complex branched wire harness assemblies. We maintain IPC/WHMA certifications and inspect all work to the applicable standards.

Our technicians have over 275 combined years of experience in the industry; combining knowledge with innovation. KIHOMAC’s capabilities spans the spectrum of Aerospace Electrical Wiring supporting aircraft (fighter, bomber, cargo and support), ICBMs, ground equipment, test equipment and support equipment.


Tooling & Equipment

  • Schleuniger 5200 Wire Stripper
  • Nova 800 Laser Wire Marker
  • Heavy Wire Gage (8 – 4/0)
    Termination Tooling
  • CAMI Research CableEye® Tester
  • Wardwell Wire Harness
    Braiding Machines

Provides quick disconnection of harness.

Provides ground between connectors, and shields
against Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)

Secures Metal Braided Shielding to EMI Backshell. Available
in multiple sizes and applications.

Provides connection point for current or signal transfer
within the connector.

Provides a non-stick environmental seal and heat protection
to the harness and acts as a means of bundling wires together.

Provides continuous grounding and EMI shielding for entire length of the cable. Available in multiple zises,
materials and finishes based on application.

Provides chafing, environmental, and chemical protection. Available and multiple sizes, colors, and application. Including clear to allow visual access.

Provides for identifcation cables, connections, and other important information. Available in multiple
materials, colors, sizes, and applications.

Seals cable end providing protection from contaminants and moisture.

Used to install and remove electrical contacts without damaging the wire, contact, or connector.

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