KIHOMAC's Ceridium Armor Plate Release Announcement Photo

KIHOMAC, INC Introduces New Body Armor Plates

LAYTON, Utah, 11 August 2021 —KIHOMAC Armor Systems has announced the release of their new Ceridium Body Armor Plates. KIHOMAC’s Level IV Ceridium Body Armor Plate is certified by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and represents the highest level of quality available on the market.  Lightweight and multi-hit capable, the new ceramic composite plate has a multi-curve, SAPI-cut design,…

F-35 Advanced Travel Pod, KIHOMAC F-35 Advanced Travel Pod, KIHOMAC ATP, KIHOMAC F-35 ATP

KIHOMAC Announces Availability of new F-35 Advanced Travel Pod.

LAYTON, Utah, 23 Feb 2021 — KIHOMAC today announced the rollout of their new F-35 Advanced Travel Pod (ATP), with increased functionality, more capacity and improved operability as compared to legacy cargo pods.  The KIHOMAC ATP delivers a responsive solution to F-35 adaptive basing and agile combat employment requirements for both the U.S. military services and international partners. The new…