LAYTON, Utah, 23 Feb 2021 — KIHOMAC today announced the rollout of their new F-35 Advanced Travel Pod (ATP), with increased functionality, more capacity and improved operability as compared to legacy cargo pods.  The KIHOMAC ATP delivers a responsive solution to F-35 adaptive basing and agile combat employment requirements for both the U.S. military services and international partners.

The new ATP is a 5th Generation solution for 5th Generation fighters, supporting the diverse operational needs of the modern warfighter and the F-35. The ATP is designed and manufactured at KIHOMAC’s Center for Advanced Manufacturing in Layton, Utah and boasts state-of-the-art materials and enhanced functionality integrated into the design.  The ATP will give warfighters increased versatility in both austere locations and training exercise environments alike.

The Advanced Travel Pod’s carbon fiber construction matches that of the F-35 weapon system itself and offers a streamlined sustainment system. “It is specifically designed for the F-35 and brings many design features which are not currently available to maintainers and aircrews,” said Ki Ho Kang, Founder and CEO of KIHOMAC.  “We’re proud of our employees, some of whom are former F-35 crew members, who uncovered the need for a new pod and followed-through with development and production of a great new addition to the F-35 ecosystem.”

The new ATP features include:

  • Larger access doors for improved access and versatility for outsized
  • KIHOMAC’s Integrated Tie-down System with more flexibility for storage of odd-sized items and proper security of all items for flight.
  • Lighter weight design, at over 40 pounds less than the legacy pod it is easily manageable by two crew members.
  • Larger storage space with nearly 3 times more internal storage than the legacy pod (12 cubic-feet).
  • Standard NATO Lug spacing to ensure compatibility with U.S. military services and international partners
  • Removable end caps for easy loading and unloading of long items.
  • Stabilization feet to prevent rolling and unnecessary wear during ground operations.
  • Quick release latches to improve handling and access for F-35 crews.

For further information, download our brochure by clicking here or visit us at

KIHOMAC is in the process of receiving U.S. Air Force final approval of this ATP for full F-35 operational use, and the ATP is now available for pre-order.  Contact Trey Munn at or 385-515-4310.


Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, KIHOMAC is a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) aerospace engineering and manufacturing services company of approximately 350 employees throughout the U.S.  KIHOMAC is principally engaged in the development and production of new solutions to sustain legacy equipment in aerospace and a variety of commercial industries. visit

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