Corporate Responsibility Statement

KIHOMAC believes in being a good corporate partner, citizen and member of the communities in which we operate. Our employees actively work individually and corporately to promote and sustain safe, healthy, ethical workplaces and environments. Our customers demand that we adhere to the highest standards, and we believe that they deserve nothing less than that from us.

Legal Compliance & Ethics

We will respect the laws and regulations of the countries and communities within which we work. We will honor our agreements and partner proactively with customers, partners and community stakeholders to ensure compliance with applicable guidelines.

We will hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We will deal fairly and justly with stakeholders both outside and inside the company. We will treat all with respect. We reject corrupt practices and will not participate in bribery, trafficking or other unethical behaviors – whether real or perceived.

Health, Safety and Human Rights

We believe that promoting a safe and healthy workforce is a fundamental responsibility for any employer. We will protect, maintain and enhance the safety and health – physical and mental – of our employees. We will comply with health and safety regulations at all locations. We will maintain fair labor practices and standards for all employees. We reject discrimination in all its forms and believe that diversity strengthens our business and improves outcomes for ourselves, our customers and our communities.


We deeply appreciate the support of our local communities. We will invest in our communities through active participation in local events, membership in community organizations and an active philanthropic policy that encourages both monetary contributions and contributions of time from our employees. We will strive to be environmentally responsible and implement sustainable business practices.