KIHOMAC wins Navy contract

lau-127 missile launcher
LAU-127 missile launcher

KIHOMAC has won the contract for the LAU-127 Snubber Kit, a critical component for the F/A-18 Hornet fighter jet.

The $25 million contract will provide the US Navy with 450 snubber kits over the next three years. The snubber kit is designed to reduce the vibration and stress on the LAU-127 missile launcher during flight, increasing its reliability and performance.

KIHOMAC is proud to support the Navy’s mission and deliver high-quality products that meet their requirements. This contract is a testament to our expertise and innovation in the aerospace and defense industry. PMA-201 and NAWCAD AIRWorks are partnered with KIHOMAC to manufacture the required internal snubber kits for the LAU-127 missile launchers. These kits will enable the F/A-18A-F, EA-18G, and AV-8B aircrafts to fly AIM-9 and AIM-120 missiles, supporting mission readiness. We look forward to working with the Navy and our partners to ensure the success of this project.

This win is a United States Navy (USN) Full Rate Production (FRP) Multiple Award Contract (MAC) with an option to manufacture and ship 200 additional kits.