KIHOMAC’s efforts have avoided $1.2B in costs

KIHOMAC continues to support the U.S. Air Force (USAF) Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) Analysis and Resolution (A&R) program.

Partnership positively impacting cost, schedule, and performance

KIHOMAC Inc. and Bowhead Mission Solutions, LLC (Bowhead) are improving weapons systems readiness through effective maintenance, logistics, and sustainability support. This partnership is positively impacting government life cycle costs, schedule, and performance.

Our combined experience in material forecasting, supportability, logistics, and inventory management is complemented by our research and analysis experience, use of quality-driven processes, continuous process improvement, and knowledge of DMSMS systems and workflows.

KIHOMAC developed benchmark DMSMS processes

From Apr 2012 thru Apr 2021, KIHOMAC primed this effort. During that time, we developed the benchmark obsolescence research processes currently used by DMSMS A&R teams. We automated these processes to ensure standardized and repeatable research processes. Our automated process software identifies and recommends the most cost-effective resolutions for DMSMS issues based on collated research data. These processes are reducing Mission Impaired Capability Awaiting Parts (MICAPs), backorders, depot repair awaiting parts; and increasing system availability for all OC-ALC, OO-ALC, and WR-ALC managed weapon systems. To date, KIHOMAC has saved the Air Force DMSMS A&R Enterprise Program $1.2B in Cost Avoidance through the research of 204K individual piece parts.